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Flower Factory at Longham

Any fashionista knows that green is a perfect base colour since all shades of the spectrum work so well with it. The best example of this can be found in the world of plants.
Flower stems are generally green and just think of the array of colours that they support so beautifully.
No surprise then, that flowers – like fashion – have seasonal trends and this summer there’s a whole catwalk of tones on parade.
For what’s hot and what’s not in the world of blooms, talk to Phil Brown and the team at Longham’s Flower Factory.
Phil’s been in the flower business for 40 years and says large, blousy blooms are still stealing the show. “Think big flowers – dahlias, peonies and salvias,” he says.
“They give loads of colour and are really low maintenance.”
This is Phil’s favourite season. “It’s what we work towards all year. It’s the best time for plants, they’re full of colours and the scents are amazing.”
But which colours?
Think pinks, but bold, even neon, fiery reds and oranges and Jubilee-friendly purples. Display and plant them how you like, a swathe of single colour or a riot of rainbow hues.
Flower Factory supplies both businesses and the public and has a loyal band of customers, not just because of the plant choices but, according to Phil, because of the fun and banter that happens in the shop.
“We like to have fun,” he says.
“We want people to leave happy and laughter costs nothing, does it?”
Through Covid lockdowns, they developed a wholesale branch to supply local florists who were working from home and from borders to bouquets, wallflowers to weddings, business is certainly blooming.
Visit: or call 01202 900670.

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