High blood pressure in cats

High blood pressure in cats

Did you know that 11 human years is equivalent to 60 cat years?
And just like people, high
blood pressure is an increased risk as cats get older.
A visit to the vet can check for manageable conditions like high blood pressure – the medical term being ‘hypertension’.
The latest recommendations are that all cats aged seven or over should have their blood pressure checked at least once a year, even when they seem well.
This is because there are often no obvious external signs of high blood pressure and it only reveals itself when damage to organs, such as the eyes, kidneys, heart and brain has already occurred.
Therefore, regular screening by a vet is the best way to spot high blood pressure early.
Blood pressure screening doesn’t hurt and only takes a few minutes and vets like to do this as part of your cat’s annual health check.
Just like in people, an inflatable cuff is placed around the tail or leg to take the measurement and most cats stay completely relaxed during the process.
Hypertension can be managed with medication – the earlier it’s started the less chance high blood pressure has to cause harm.
Approximately 1 in 5 cats from nine years old are at risk of suffering from high blood pressure
Conditions such as kidney disease or an overactive thyroid can also increase the risk of high blood pressure
It’s therefore a good idea to ensure your cat is seen by your vet at least annually to ensure high blood pressure isn’t causing hidden problems at an early stage.

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