It’s good for you Emmanuel School!

Emmanuel Middle School in Verwood Ofsted Good

After finding itself placed in special measures in 2017, Emmanuel Middle School in Verwood has had some very good news.
The school has been judged ‘good’ in its recent Ofsted report, a radical improvement after joining Wimborne Academy Trust (WAT) and coming under the headship of Rob Christopher.
Inspectors judged it ‘good’ in all areas, with the report stating: ‘Pupils are keen to learn. They enjoy lessons and the enthusiasm with which teachers share what they know.
‘Relationships between pupils and staff are warm, caring and respectful. Pupils are well known by staff who care about their wellbeing as well as their learning.
‘One parent says: “The nurturing environment and high expectations mean my children have thrived”, encapsulating the views of many others.’
Headteacher Rob Christopher, said: “Everything is underpinned by our core values, which are ‘excellence’, ‘endeavour’ and ‘enjoyment’.
“Since becoming part of Wimborne Academy Trust in 2018 our staff have worked incredibly hard. Our executive headteacher Ron Jenkinson began the process which I then continued.
“Obviously we are all extremely happy with the report. The inspectors pointed out things that impressed them including our effective safeguarding, careers programme, extra-curricular activities and pupils’ spiritual development.
“We will now work hard to try and get up to ‘outstanding’ – something very few schools achieve.”
Liz West, chief executive officer of WAT, said: “When Emmanuel joined us Rob showed that he had a plan to improve the school.
“Parents were always positive about the changes and this has now been confirmed by the inspectors.
“It really is a super achievement by all the staff and indeed the children who are clearly benefiting from a fantastic education.”
by Lorraine Gibson

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