Nourish in Blandford teams up with Morrisons to help women in need

A BLANDFORD group that supports people in hard times has teamed up with Morrisons to help those enduring period poverty.

Almost 140,000 girls in the UK miss school each year due to lack of access to period products, data shows, while women can be excluded from employment opportunities.

Many facing period poverty are likely to prioritise spending the little they have on food heating or menstrual products for dependents.

Now, in partnership with Nourish (Blandford Foodbank), Morrisons in Blandford Forum are responding to the growing problem.

This resulted from the supermarket giant’s company-wide support of International Women’s Day.

Chrissie Roberts, community champion, said: “Morrisons supported International Women’s Day this year by donating period products to local charities.

“At Morrisons in Blandford we are passionate about partnering with Nourish in order to address period poverty locally.”

Chrissie Roberts, Blandford Morrisons community champion

Chrissie Roberts, Blandford Morrisons community champion

This year International Women’s Day focused on inclusion – having access to safe, hygienic items ensures that women and girls do not miss out on employment opportunities or fall behind in education.

Free sanitary products are readily available at Nourish for those who need them.

However, the support is dependent on donations from the public, when supplies are low, these need to be purchased by the project.

Having Morrisons donation means that valuable funds can be saved by the foodbank and put towards food and other essential household items instead.

Nourish foodbank manager, Gail Del-Pinto, said: “Those that come to us are often coping with desperate circumstances.

“Our partnership with Morrisons is vital in providing support to the local community.”

Last autumn, Nourish officially opened the Community Larder, which sells subsidised food and household products for those unable to afford regular supermarket shops.

Menstrual products are one item that women do not need to pay for.

For more information, and to support the Nourish campaign against period poverty, visit

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