Garage issues warning over bogus buyers’ car sales scam

A GARAGE has issued a warning to people selling cars of a scam being carried out by bogus buyers.

Sunrise Service & MOT Centre, in Blandford, said it has seen a number of customers in recent weeks who have fallen victim to the scheme.

It involves the buyer coming to people’s homes to view a car for sale, a garage spokesperson explained.

“They are asking to see the paperwork for the vehicle and while your back is turned, they are pouring old/used engine oil into the coolant reservoir and over the engine itself,” they said.

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“We are trying to warn as many people as possible as we have seen two vehicles so far this week that unfortunately have been contaminated by these people.

“They are trying to indicate that the cars have been poorly maintained and that the head gaskets have blown so they can then buy the vehicles at a knocked-down price.

“Please have all the paperwork ready with your vehicles and do not leave your vehicle unattended, this includes if the prospective buyer wants to take it for a road test.”

They said the incidents they have seen involved two people visiting the vehicle and carrying out the scam.

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