Blandford’s oldest resident – Annie ‘Nan’ Dennett – has passed away at 110

ANNIE ‘Nan’ Dennett – who turned 110 in July – has passed away.

Tributes have been paid to Nan, a well-known and popular personality in Blandford.

A statement from Blandford Town Council said she would be ‘sorely missed’.

“Our heartfelt condolences go out to Nan’s loving family and friends,” they said.

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“So many Blandfordians knew and loved Annie – Nan – Dennett. She wasn’t just known for being a centenarian, but also for being a wonderful woman with a quick wit and a special sparkle.

“Nan, who was Dorset’s oldest resident, recently celebrated her 110th birthday, on July 27, and the Mayor of Blandford Forum, Cllr Hugo Mieville, enjoyed visiting her that day when she offered sound advice, which she shares with us all, to ‘be kind’.

“Nan will be sorely missed in Blandford, but remembered with great affection by everyone she knew.”

Nan was originally from Lancashire, was one of 10 children and left school at 14 to work in a cotton mill, then in service and later in a Lancaster hospital.

She was five when the Spanish Flu pandemic hit during the First World War and met Ivor while serving with the WRVS during the Second World War.

They married in February 1944, living first with his family in Charlton Marshall, where she worked at Clayesmore School prior to its relocation to Iwerne Minster, at stores in Blandford, and finally at Clayesmore following its move.

Tributes have been paid to Annie 'Nan' Dennett. Picture: Blandford Town Council

Tributes have been paid to Annie ‘Nan’ Dennett. Picture: Blandford Town Council

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