Arnewood School cast and crew of 100 put on Madness-inspired musical

A CAST and crew totalling almost 100 combined for a mad show at The Arnewood School in New Milton.

The songs of 1980s ska outfit Madness lifted audiences who saw Our House over three nights.

Noah Woodcraft played two personalities of the character Joe and Mollie Gazzard brought plenty of down-to-earth reality and grace as Sarah.

The band had everyone tapping their feet with Madness’s catchy tunes and the set included a car on stage.

Arnewood has had more acting success with a number of students achieving incredible results in their LAMDA examinations for performance acting.

Headteacher, Jamie Anderson, said: “The production of Our House was absolutely superb.

“To have 90 students and teachers involved, with the costumes and costume changes, set design, music and choreography was a huge effort.

“We’ve never had so many people take part in a production and it came off with audiences absolutely loving it on all three nights.

“Our music and drama departments deserve huge praise, as do the cast who showed what talent we have here.

“We pride ourselves on always going beyond the curriculum and offering all manner of extra-curricular activities.

“And it was great news that some of our students did so well in their LMDA exams.”

The narrative of the musical has teenager Joe breaking into an empty house, planning to show girlfriend Sarah the impressive view.

When the police arrive he has a choice – run away or give himself in. The story then unfolds with two characters of ‘Joe’…

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